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The Next Level Homeschool science department specializes in academically rigorous, secular science classes that take your child far beyond the scope of the normal science offerings for students ages 9-17. We truly treat your children like they are young scientists, and don’t “dumb it down”. If you are looking for science classes that will not only challenge, but excite and engage your child, you’re in the right place! I am extremely passionate about science, and instilling that passion into young minds is always my goal! In addition to our in depth content, all science classes are lab and project based. All labs are videoed. Students may just watch the video, or get the materials and do the labs themselves (always recommended!).

Marine Sciences

Next Level Homeschool is owned by a degreed Marine Biologist, so we pride ourselves in a strong Marine Sciences program! We have had several students pursue careers in marine science after taking our courses. Plus, we offer hands on marine science workshops in Panama each year!

Marine Zoology (Full Year)
Oceanography (Full Year)
Marine Mammal Month
Shark Month

Biological Sciences

From cells to evolution to genetics to taxonomy and human anatomy, we cover it all- to mastery level! Our biology classes are created for students who want a solid education in biological concepts, both as a part of their current education and to prepare themselves for future academic endeavors!

High School Biology (Full Year)
Harry Potter Genetics (12 weeks)

Physical Sciences

Physical sciences focus on chemistry, physics, earth science, and astronomy. We offer multiple classes in these disciplines to ensure your student is challenged at the appropriate level no matter their age. The goal is to provide a strong foundation in these fundamental concepts.

High School Chemistry (Full Year)
Physical Science (Full Year)
Earth Science (Full Year)
Chemistry: The Why Behind the Wow (8 Weeks)
Astronomy (4 Weeks)

Science Department FAQ

We do not give out sample lessons. However, we do offer a $5 Scientific Method class that will introduce you to how the Next Level Homeschool science program works so you can decide if it's a good fit for your child's learning style.

Even if you have a child who is a science geek like me, please limit them to ONE of my full year sciences per year. These courses are very in depth. They aren't your typical surface skimming fluff. Students should really just focus on one full year science at a time. This way they can really absorb the content, put time into their projects, and have a better understanding of the material. If they are rushed to complete a lot of different science classes, they aren't going to do their best work and may get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed students are NOT learning! Don't worry, the classes will be here next year, and the next......pace yourself. 🙂

Not really. However, there are classes like High School Chemistry, High School Biology, and Oceanography that are written for more academically advanced or older students.

That said, if it were my child starting out around age 11, here's how I would order them.

First Year: Marine Zoology or Earth Science
Second Year: Whichever one you didn't take the first year or Physical Science
Third Year: Whichever one you didn't take the second year.
Fourth Year: Oceanography or Biology
Fifth Year: Whichever one you didn't take the fourth year.
Sixth Year: High School Chemistry

Some do- specifically High School Chemistry has a math requirement. The class description page of each course explains any prerequisites that are suggested or required.

It's homeschool. Nothing is required. 🙂 However, we do recommend that you take full year classes in order, as the content is written in a specific way to build upon previous knowledge.

I recommend that they first take Marine Zoology, as Oceanography is written in a more academically advanced way. However, these classes do not build on each other, so students are free to take whichever one they prefer first.

All of them!! 🙂 But in a specific order! Chemistry: The Why Behind the Wow is written for our younger students. It is a conceptual class with tons of labs, and is meant to introduce basic chemistry concepts in an in depth way without the math. Physical Science: Chemistry is the next step in our chemistry program. Here students will go even deeper into chemistry concepts, and will be introduced to simple chemistry math. High School Chemistry is where students will fine tune their chemistry knowledge and get deep into the mathematics of chemistry and more complicated lab work. Students are not required to take all three of the chemistry classes- place your child at the level you think best fits their academic needs.