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Stacey McellenStacey Mcellen
21:25 16 Jun 24
My daughter took chemistry this year and it was great for her. It was well put together and if she had any questions, the teacher was quick to get back to her. Looking forward to next year's classes!
Andrea OfiaraAndrea Ofiara
01:37 13 Jun 24
The Next Level Homeschool High School Biology course that my daughter completed this school year was the single best online class she has ever taken! Mary is an excellent instructor in so many ways and the content is both thorough and engaging. My daughter has fallen in love with science, which I am so excited about and grateful for! I highly recommend Next Level Homeschool!
Ashley DeHayeAshley DeHaye
17:30 11 Oct 23
The classes are very well organized, informative, and the assignments aren't just busy work, but really improve understanding of the topics. We will definitely keep taking classes from them!
Lucy SLucy S
00:32 07 Jun 23
My children and I love Next Level Homeschool. My 2 oldest children have taken a full year of Biology and 1 semester of US History. The classes are challenging & fun. We plan to take more classes!
Ruth Moench ArnellRuth Moench Arnell
21:49 05 Jun 23
My son learned a ton in the classes he took, biology and oceanography. He's even more certain about his goals now. Great communication between teacher and student, too.
Pamela PalmerPamela Palmer
18:59 05 Jun 23
Next level homeschool is a very good learning platform with many different types of classes. The homework is very well planned out, and the information presented is excellent. I highly recommend Next Level Homeschool to any parents looking for a high level of education for their child.
Kate WorleyKate Worley
18:53 05 Jun 23
My son took the Earth Science sequence as well as the World History sequence this past year. Both were fantastic classes! He especially loved the Earth Science - both the lectures and the assignments! I teach college-level history, and I was always pleased with the topics and information being covered in the World History class.
Amy TamayoAmy Tamayo
13:56 05 Jun 23
My 12 year old took the Marine Zoology class series this past year. He really loved the class. The lessons seemed to be a good mix of videos and Mary talking about the animals. Then each week there is a project. My son hates to write so he loved that he had options to choose from for the projects. He almost always chose to make a model, poster or video. We generally did the lesson and quiz one day and the project the next day. He learned a lot and would often interrupt my lessons with his younger siblings to show us a cool videos.
Jamie BorlandJamie Borland
15:12 03 Jun 23
My daughter loved her pre-algebra class. Working with Ms. Tina grew her confidence and showed her how fun math can be. We will definitely be taking more classes from Next Level in the future.
Katie KateKatie Kate
18:05 02 Jun 23
We love Next Level Homeschool! They have so many robust, yet fun, classes and the self-paced format makes it very easy. Medieval Technology was their favorite one! We also enjoy the short story series and have taken Edgar Allen Poe and Jack London courses. To try them out, they offer $5 classes which I thought were way more involved than I expected! Of those, we have done the Cyber Safety, Plagiarism, Note Taking and Scientific Method.
Lara Belle-OudryLara Belle-Oudry
19:39 31 May 23
My son took Earth Science this year, and I was thoroughly impressed with the curriculum. I would get excited to watch the slides each week so I could learn along with him. Great program and teacher!
Paula WongPaula Wong
15:43 30 May 23
We took wow chemistry and earth science with Ms Mary. The Wow chemistry class was AWESOME. Kiddo is 10 and the class was exciting and engaging. She struggled with earth science because it was more challenging and not her favorite subject but did recognize that was more on her than the teacher.

With Ms Lara she also took HP etymology, which she really enjoyed. Finance class was marketed to ages 10+ but I think 10 is quite young. She didn't understand or see how most of that is applicable at her age. We quit that one half way through. I think it would be better as a high school student. And lastly Ms Lara taught Westing Game which was okay. I prefer a different online curriculum for book studies so we will go that route next time.

We also took Dylan's 7 wonders of the ancient world class. That was pretty dry in terms of lecture content but kiddo loved the projects.

The projects are mostly graded on a complete/not complete level. Kiddo liked how easy it was to get an A. 😏
Lori Hollidge SullivanLori Hollidge Sullivan
19:13 12 Jun 22
This year my daughter took General Biology 1 through 4 with Mary at Next Level Homeschool. In every section, the course content was in-depth while still covering more material than our local public school's classes touch upon. Mary's approach to teaching is fun and engaging and my daughter and I had so many laughs during the lessons. We both learned a wealth of information. The labs are handled perfectly and are very valuable. My daughter and I both appreciated the variety of assignments and the option to choose a project that best fit her interests and personality. My kids have taken many classes through Next Level Homeschool and we will continue to do so in the future!
Christina StevensonChristina Stevenson
20:04 11 Jun 22
My 8th grader took Sourcefulness: A Guide to Finding Reliable Sources. It was a great intro class to get a feel for how the classes are laid out and accessed. It allowed him to see that he enjoyed the format and is looking forward to taking more classes next year! The course had great information presented in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend Next level Homeschool.
My 10th-grader took Mary’s Biology this year, and we couldn’t be happier! The lectures are comprehensive, engaging, and easy to navigate. You can choose to hear narration or not. If you pause a lecture partway through, your place will be saved when you are ready to resume. Worksheets can be printed to go along with the lectures and help reinforce learning through drawing, matching, answering questions, etc. Quizzes each week again reinforce what was learned in the lectures and are well-written and closely linked to the lecture material. There are plenty of labs which can be done at home with common materials (or easily-ordered supplies) or which can be watched, as Mary has provided videos of herself performing each lab. Finally, having a choice of weekly assignments is a wonderful way for a student to use their strengths to demonstrate understanding. Mary provides feedback on weekly assignments and is also readily reachable via email if your student has questions. Would highly recommend!
NLH is simply the best homeschool courses we've ever taken, and we've tried many! Students have the flexibility to demonstrate understanding of the material in a variety of ways. My kids love to build Minecraft worlds and build powerpoint decks!

We've taken courses with NLH for over 5 years now.
Most recently, our teen boys took Mary's year long Marine Biology sequence of courses. We then capped it off with hands-on field research and activities with other Marine Zoology students at Mary's home in Panama. It was truly a lifechanging experience, and it was incredible to see our teens putting their knowledge to work while doing field research, such as population studies of crabs in mangrove forests!

I can't recommend NLH highly enough!
Emily BrewerEmily Brewer
12:11 10 Jun 22
Sent a sale link by a friend, I enrolled my 11-year-old (now 12-year-old) in what I thought was a four-week intro biology course through Next Level Homeschool. "Worth a try," I thought. I could never have imagined the magical year of learning and development that that one decision set in motion. The first four-week unit on ecology and chemistry wove together strings of knowledge in ways we still talk about. When that ended, we readily signed up for the second session, carrying us to January. I followed the program's recommendation and ordered a higher quality microscope and as many of the lab materials as my budget would allow. And then, the micro-world literally opened up to my son. We together watched--no, experienced--the lessons, journeying with Mary through what has to be one of the most amazing stories in the world: the development of life on earth. We relished the path. I realized that the lessons are really well designed for many kinds of learners. The slides of the lesson always contain helpful, memorable visuals; the lecture itself is written out on the slide; and Mary reads the lecture. Therefore, if you're a visual or auditory learner, it works equally well. For kinesthetic learners, the course is packed with truly fabulous labs, and if you can't afford to special order a microscope, protozoa, a frog, a fetal pig, and more, Mary films herself performing the labs and really explaining them. We felt like we'd done the labs that we'd only watched. The presentation of the material is so well done. We together enjoyed every single embedded video, rolled our eyes laughingly at Mary's many puns, quizzed each other on the new vocabulary, considered which of the weekly assignments would fit into our schedule and would be most helpful to do, and really wished we'd been better at taking notes early on. At the end of the course, my child was genuinely bereft. He said, and I'm not joking, it had changed his life. From the session on the human body, he learned so much about nutrition that he's making smarter food choices. We're now together reading a book for fun on the immune system, because the last lecture was about the immune system, and it gave him the vocabulary and the interest to go deeper. The course made talking about sexuality so much easier. I really can't say enough about the course, and I recommend it to anyone who asks what has worked for my son and his science journey. We are so grateful to Mary Middlebrook and to Next Level Homeschool.
Adriana Sierra LoyaAdriana Sierra Loya
19:33 09 Jun 22
My daughter took Mary’s Chemistry and Marine Mammals course in the Spring of this year. Her enthusiasm and her knowledge on these topics is shared in an enthusiastic, appropriate age-level manner. My daughter enjoyed her classes so much, as did I! We will be back for more classes!
Lauren HoernleinLauren Hoernlein
15:02 09 Jun 22
My ten year old took American History 3&4 this year. It was a great first online class for him because he was able to work on his own schedule, but still be accountable to an outside teacher. Also, there was a lot of flexibility on the projects, so he was able to focus on his interests. The ungraded option took the pressure off too for a first online class.
Karen ThompsonKaren Thompson
22:50 02 Jun 22
NLH science classes are rigorous and comprehensive. I recommend them without reservation.
Kim BressetteKim Bressette
18:00 01 Jun 22
This biology class was amazing!!! My son loved it, it was by far his favorite class of the school year. The class was so fun and kept my teen interested, which isn’t always an easy task. Mrs. Mary is such a fun teacher. The labs were so informative, and we were able to accomplish them all at home. The materials were easy to order from the links provided. It was nice to have the option of watching the labs too, for the times we didn’t order the materials and also to follow along while my son did the lab. We are excited to sign up for another science class in the fall.
Kerri Hartung CulhaneKerri Hartung Culhane
20:34 08 Dec 21
We are so happy to have found this source for our homeschool!! My girls loved the Harry Potter Genetics class! It was challenging and I loved that they had the opportunity to slow down/rewatch the lessons. The assignments gradually increased in their difficulty and expectations so my two were able to build confidence instead of feeling overwhelmed. I loved the creativity it inspired in each of them. Each assignment was the same for them but the way they chose to complete it was 100% their own!!

One of my two also has been enrolled in the Marine Biology and has learned SO much and had such fun presentations!
Joni RamseyJoni Ramsey
18:02 13 Oct 21
We just finished Earth Science level one and really enjoyed it. We liked the flexibility of doing it at our own pace. The content was in depth (for 6th grade). The lectures, labs, and assignments took much more time than I expected, but we’ll worth the information provided. We’ll be taking more classes in the future!
Jenny TurknettJenny Turknett
17:47 23 Sep 21
I’m very sorry that I can’t recommend these classes because there is such a need for lab-based science classes. My daughter took the chemistry class last year and we ended up dropping it halfway through the second semester. My husband, a scientist himself, was appalled at how the classes were taught and materials presented. He said it indicated a poor understanding of the subject matter on the part of the instructor. Additionally the automated grading system was abhorrent and often required correction, which was demoralizing to the students. I would highly discourage anyone from this program.
Stephanie KondisStephanie Kondis
05:06 11 Jun 21
NLH courses have been part of our homeschool life and studies for a few years now. Fantastic content. Lots of opportunity for fun and creative expression of learned material. A flexible schedule is a huge perk! However, the flexible schedule will certainly keep your learner hoppin’, and it’s a crash course in time management! All around very rigorous from soaking up the engaging content to juggling deadlines. Mary and the other instructors are very responsive to questions and queries. It’s been an absolute pleasure over the past few years to experience learning this way!
Kisha GeijerKisha Geijer
00:40 09 Jun 21
My daughter took an Earth Science class with Next Level this year and it was a great experience. The open-ended creative assignments were my favorite thing about the course--she came up with some really fun projects, and she loved getting positive feedback from someone besides me. 🙂 She learned a lot and came away with a better appreciation for science in general. Plus, it was great time-management practice with the deadlines for the quizzes and assignments.
Renata VergilisRenata Vergilis
22:08 01 Jun 21
Wonderful classes! My absolute go to for all things science. My boys loved the Earth Science and Chemistry classes. They were high quality, challenging, thought provoking, and taught them so much. Highly recommend!
Daina SpisakDaina Spisak
21:12 01 Jun 21
My daughter just completed a full year of High School Biology and absolutely loved it. Mary Middlebrook is an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated instructor. When you listen to her lessons, its very clear that she enjoys her job. We’ve been with Next Level for 2 years now and look forward to open registration every semester. ☺️
Sage AccardoSage Accardo
20:02 01 Jun 21
My kids have been taking classes at NextLevel for several years. I highly recommend them. This 2020-2021 school year my 14 year old took the full year of chemistry and also historical research/writing. My 11 and 8 year olds took Marine Mammals. We’re already making plans for fall classes, and my 14 year old picked a couple of summer classes too. The lessons are engaging. It’s pretty common for my younger kids to listen in on older siblings’ lessons, even though they’re too young to take the classes. Communication and expectations are clear. Grading is efficient and positively toned. I anticipate I’ll have students taking classes at NextLevel for years to come.
Next Level Homeschool classes are engaging and full of excellent content. It is so hard to find secular homeschool material, and this is my go to for great classes. My kids have taken several and loved everyone of them!
Hillary CarterHillary Carter
19:37 01 Jun 21
My son has taken classes with Next Level the last 2 years and absolutely loves it! This year he got to enjoy the full year of Marine zoology. We are already looking forward to his next class starting in the fall with Biology. The classes are very well put together and easy to navigate. Bonus! It’s all on your own time frame! This has been the best online homeschool classes we have ever found (been at it for 6 years now). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Elizabeth BoghElizabeth Bogh
18:48 06 May 21
I highly recommend Next Level Homeschool! My 9th grader (and future marine biologist!) took the full year Marine Biology courses this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm amazed at what she learned and the information she has retained. She really enjoyed doing the dissections (I highly recommend purchasing the specimens!) and loved that she could decide what kind of project she wanted to do for each unit. The course was very thorough and taught her a lot. She is excited to take more courses in future years! Thank you, Mary, for a great program!
Danica Mae McKellarDanica Mae McKellar
20:04 16 Dec 20
Mary Middlebrook is an excellent and entertaining teacher!
Suna PriceSuna Price
00:29 08 Oct 20
Excellent, highly engaging classes which feature interesting videos, slides, and audio/text. I can’t recommend the science classes enough. Homework encourages open-ended and creative learning experiences to reinforce understanding. The classes are challenging but if you decide to learn alongside your child, as I did, you will not regret it and will learn a ton.
my daughter just finished Marine Biology 101 and loved it!! she can't wait to do more classes. I highly recommend Next level homeschool for more education experiences!! They offer so much that I am not able to provide for my homeschooler!! Thank you so much for offering all the different classes and for all that you do for these kids!!
Jillian BorynecJillian Borynec
21:20 07 Oct 20
Marine biology 101 was such a fantastic course for my daughter! She learned so much! The lessons and visuals were well put together and engaging. The projects were lots of fun too! Can’t wait for her to continue onto Marine Zoology!
Lisa CurranLisa Curran
00:00 18 Jun 20
My student has taken Harry Potter Genetics and the full-year Marine Biology Series. They are this aspiring scientist's favorite homeschool classes! The content is rich, inspires further exploration, and allows flexibility and creative expression through project assignments. The instructors are responsive and expectations are clearly stated. We also like the option of graded work. Finding rigorous, secular science courses for homeschoolers can be challenging. We are grateful for this resource!
Paula McKinleyPaula McKinley
12:59 16 Jun 20
My daughter is finishing the fourth section of US History. She loved the course so much she opted to other classes to her summer schedule. Indepth curriculums, responsive instructors and of course we love the flexibility of learning on our schedule. We highly recommend Next Level Homeschool
Xraka WhiteXraka White
23:04 08 Jun 20
Marine Biology 101 review by Addison (11): If you want to learn Marine Biology this is a good place to start. The platform is very nice. It helps keep track of assignments and when they are due. Here is an example of what you are going to do. Taxonomy classification and create a mnemonic device to remember it. One of my favorite lessons and projects was learning the different parts of the ocean and who lives in each part.
Sarah ValenzuelaSarah Valenzuela
22:38 07 Jun 20
My son enrolled in three different Next Level Homeschool classes and thoroughly enjoyed each one. They kept him interested and engaged all year long.

The US History class was the favorite class of his whole freshman year. History is such an opinionated subject. It can be hard to learn it without emotions or biases interfering. We loved how instead of using a standard textbook, Next Level Homeschool’s history teacher collected facts that he researched himself and presented knowing that there is always two sides to a story. If a student didn’t agree with him, they could just voice and present their side. The subject manner was interesting and interactive since it was given by way of presentations with slides, links and videos. The US History class was refreshing and my son loved it! He took all four segments back-to-back to make it a year long class.

He also took a year long Biology class which was broken into four segments. The class was very hard for him, but he understood it and enjoyed being challenged. One of his favorite things about Next Level Homeschool is that the students can complete their homework in any format that they prefer. Homework can be given via a presentation, a craft, a YouTube video or whatever they like. My son loved being able to pick whatever format he preferred to do his homework in. He mostly used Minecraft and had a blast doing it. Not many kids can say they had fun doing their homework, but these kids can! It’s a brilliant strategy!

My son lastly took NLH’s Historical Writing and Research class. It wasn’t a year long class like the others but I knew my son would enjoy it. He can always use help with researching and writing so this class fit the bill. It was a wonderful class.

We were throughly happy with all my son’s classes that he took at NLH and highly recommended their classes. We are definitely signing up for next year’s classes!
Timothy E CarusoTimothy E Caruso
13:02 07 Jun 20
Last year my aspiring marine biologist son completed the Marine Biology class. He loved it. We were so excited to find an in-depth Marine Biology class geared for older kids. The presentations were informative and entertaining and the assignments were meaningful. We can’t speak highly enough about this class! Thanks!
Mickelle WearyMickelle Weary
23:23 05 Jun 20
My 14-year old daughter has taken 8 classes and my 12-year old son has taken at least 5. Both kids are SCIENCE NERDS thanks to Mary! My daughter completed the Biology series at Level 2 (4 courses) covering General biology, cells, Animal Kingdom and Human Anatomy. Biology was her focus for the year, and she has embrased her inner BioNerd. She is now registered for Marine Biology for next year. She also took her second Art History class last summer and had so much fun completing her weekly projects. She also took the Grammar Review which helped immensely with her writing. We also took the Coronavirus class as a family where the first half was review because of all the fabulous science we have already learned! Yay! My son did a year of Earth Science and learned so much. We have many new places on our must-go-to list now. I highly recommend NLH, especially the science and Art History courses. You won't be disappointed.
Mendy Luptak ThijssenMendy Luptak Thijssen
16:22 05 Jun 20
My son has been homeschooling for 4 years now. We found Next Level Homeschool classes this year, and it has been a huge shift in his interest in learning. The classes he's taken with them have been able to peak his interest and engage him in curiosity, taking the things he's learning, applying them in the class, and even reaching out for a bit more because of things he's learned through the class. Unlike other online classes we've taken, NLH has provided him some accountability to show what he's learned after each week of modules, getting to choose his project to do and submit. I've been really amazed at the interest and curiosity I see from him coming from the inspiration of these classes. He knows that the Marine Biology class is happening in the Fall and he asks daily if registration has opened yet, so he can be sure to get in! Thanks so much Mary and the team of teachers at Next Level Homeschool. You really have taken things to the Next Level.
Janelle YatesJanelle Yates
16:16 05 Jun 20
We have used so many of the classes here (not sure I can list them all) - and will continue to do so! My daughter, who loves Marine Biology, learned so much from the Marine series that she has decided to follow that career path. She started with Shark Month and has taken all Mary has to offer so far in that area. She took the high school biology this year and loved it as well, learning concepts that will serve her well in college. She also took Harry Potter Etymology, Art of Persuasive Writing and Stranger than Fiction this year, and has just started a dual-enrollment college English course...she has an "easy A" in the class right now because everything being "taught" in this college class, she learned in those classes. She and her and brother have taken the Genetics (Harry Potter style) still talk about things they learned over a year ago in that class (we are a science family...so the topics do come up often). My son got started with the Vikings class and that jump-started him to wanting to learn Norse (now, THAT has been an adventure!). He also enjoyed the Medieval Technology class as well as the Harry Potter Genetics and Stranger Than Fiction which worked really well alongside his Winter Promise ELA curriculum this year pertaining to Fiction Writing. We can't recommend these courses enough...the only downside is I worry if the word gets out, we will have to compete to get into the classes!
Erin StepErin Step
16:11 05 Jun 20
We love Next Level Homeschool classes! My daughter has taken several classes and loved every one. I actually enjoy learning right along with her. Mary gives amazing feedback, and the project options are wonderful. We have taken: Astronomy, Marine Biology, Fractions in Four, Scientific Method, and we are taking an Art History class over the summer.
Aria DominguezAria Dominguez
15:31 05 Jun 20
My son loved his year-long Marine Biology series! He learned so much and enjoyed all the lessons and projects. It was great that the kids had the option to get their own specimens and do the dissections along with the teacher.
Samantha GraceSamantha Grace
14:44 05 Jun 20
informative and fun classes, my sons both loved all next level homeschool classes taken and we will be taking more this coming school year.
Christina HadderChristina Hadder
14:19 05 Jun 20
My daughter loves taking summer courses with NLH. She likes the approach in instruction and freedom with the assignments. I enjoy watching her go wild with assignments and trying to come up with new ideas each week. The curriculum is engaging and has encouraged her to pursue further information from our library. She enjoyed her comparative world mythology class so much last summer that she asked to take 2 classes this summer and summer is our time off from school 🙂 We also appreciate the flexibility to watch the lessons on our schedule and have found the teachers responsive whenever a question arises.
Jennifer AllenJennifer Allen
14:18 05 Jun 20
I love that the kids can go at their own pace, gobbling up high level material that's presented in a digestible way. My daughter has done a variety of classes, and I love the diversity - from learning about the Titanic to Earth science!

Perfect for academic - or just curious - kids of all ages!
Sarah GrahamSarah Graham
17:18 04 Jun 20
Love Mary and her classes - my son has taken the scientific method and the corona virus class...now we are doing Costa Rica. Mary is the right combination of silly and serious to keep my 9 year old engaged and learning!