Why Next Level Homeschool?

I’m a former homeschool mom who loved teaching so much that I became a full time teacher for other homeschooled kids in 2012! My local live classes were so popular, that in 2016, I opened Next Level Homeschool. The school now offers a wide range of unique courses in science, history, language arts, visual arts, and more to students from all over the world. Teaching is my PASSION. I truly love sharing that passion with children and getting them engaged and excited about learning. 

The main things homeschoolers want are high quality resources and flexibility, and Next Level Homeschool offers both. Our courses are based in strong academics, no fluff or surface skimming! We have no live meetings- that means classes are on YOUR schedule! Lesson plans consist of in depth powerpoints with images and videos to enhance the material. All slides are fully narrated for those who are auditory learners. In addition, we offer a wide range of optional supplemental activities so you can customize your child’s educational experience based on their individual learning style. 

100% Secular, Rigorous Academics

Next Level Homeschool is known for providing students who are serious about education with secular, academically rigorous content taught far above normal "grade levels". We teach to a high academic standard because we know students are more than capable to meet the challenge! Perfect for younger gifted students!

Flexible Schedule & Teacher Support

Homeschoolers have busy lives...no live classes means you don't have to race the clock to be in front of a computer at a specific time each week! We allow our students to learn at their own pace within our deadlines. All assignments receive instructor feedback, and we're just an email away if your child has questions!