100% Secular, Rigorous Academics

In depth content is created to challenge and engage students! No fluff or surface skimming!

Flexible Schedule and Teacher Support

Classes built for kids on the go! No live meetings. Students work at their own pace with teacher support!

Unique and Innovative Classes

An eclectic mix of classes in science, history, language & visual arts and more! Topics you can not find anywhere else!

Hands On Projects

Students are encouraged to bring the lessons to life using their skills, talents, and passions to complete assignments! No cookie cutter busy work here!


Learn about our wide range of life and physical sciences- including biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy, marine sciences, and more!


Learn about our history courses, ranging from general histories of world civilizations to specialized topics on technology, food, geography, and more!

Language Arts Department

Learn about our language arts classes that get kids reading and analyzing literature- from short stories to novels! And don’t forget about grammar!

Visual Arts Department

Learn about our visual arts program, where students get hands on with the visual arts, take the stage with theater arts, and explore art history from around the world!

Hands On

Learning is not just about academics, it’s about honing skills that students can draw upon for their entire life! Prepare your child for their future with our customizable tools to encourage time management, responsibility, independence, and other life skills!

Five Day International In-Person Workshops with peers as passionate about science, history, and culture as your kid is!

What's Going on at Next Level Homeschool?