About Us

I’m a former homeschool mom who loved teaching so much that I became a full time teacher for other homeschooled kids in 2012 when my son graduated! My local live classes were so popular, that in 2016, I opened Next Level Homeschool. I now offer a wide range of unique courses in science, history, math, language arts, and art classes to students from all over the world. Teaching is my PASSION. I truly love sharing that passion with children and getting them engaged and excited about learning. And if I can instill some of my passion into their lives, then my job is complete!

Why Next Level Homeschool?

The main things homeschoolers want are high quality resources and flexibility, and I offer both. Our courses are based in strong academics, no fluff or surface skimming! We have no live meetings- that means classes are on YOUR schedule! Lesson plans consist of in depth powerpoints with images and videos to enhance the material. All slides are fully narrated for those who are auditory learners. In addition, I offer a wide range of optional supplemental activities so you can customize your child’s educational experience based on their individual learning style.

Hands On Projects

Students can choose from a variety of projects each week so they can get hands on with the lesson! I like to bring out the creativity in my students, so the majority of projects can be submitted in any format THEY choose! I want them to engage with the material using their individual talents, skills, interests, and passions! Written, poster, model, video, audio, scratch, minecraft, skit, song- you name it, I've seen it! Every submitted project receives constructive feedback from the instructor.

Weekly Quizzes

If your child enjoys a challenge, or you want to teach them note taking and study skills, take advantage of our weekly quizzes that test knowledge over that week's lesson.


Want to teach extra responsibility, accountability, and time management? You can choose if you want your child to receive grades and a final report card for your records at the end of the class.


The ability for your child to interact with their instructor and/or peers to really bring the class to life! Who says homeschoolers aren't socialized? 🙂

Ready to take your child’s learning to the Next Level? New classes are enrolling year round. We can’t wait to “meet” you!
We are currently enrolling for the summer semester. We have almost 100 classes in our database!! Make sure you use the search feature at the top right of this page to narrow down what you're looking for! Please note: Any classes that are for the fall and spring semester have outdated information on them. Fall classes will be finalized and open for enrollment in mid-June.
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