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NEW!! Short Story Series: Frank R. Stockton

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This class is part of the Short Story Literature Series.

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What is the difference between a short story and a novel (other than the length)? How can the shorter form help a writer focus closely on plot and action? How can a writer make their readers care about the characters they have created without the extra room of a longer novel?

In this one-week course, we will read two different stories from a single American writer, Frank R. Stockton, and we will make comparisons between each one to find common themes in the writer’s work. Students will learn how the short story form has shaped the history of modern literature, and we will look at examples of short stories that have enabled the writer to comment on their own culture and on the events of the world around them.

This course will focus heavily on reading, and full copies of stories we will cover will be provided for students to read on their own.

No live classesview lessons on YOUR schedule. In general, expect 1.5-2.5 hours to work through the lesson plan each week, and an additional 2-5 hours working on assignments (it really depends what assignment your child chooses to do and how they manage their time). For classes with two levels, the material is the same for boththe depth of the assignments differs. Younger students should usually be placed in Level 1. Older students, or younger students who want more of a challenge, should be placed in Level 2.

Each lesson consists of a fully narrated PowerPoint presentation with images and videos to enhance the topics. Students will have access to our learning management system, Canvas, for viewing their lesson, printing worksheets, taking quizzes, viewing/submitting assignments, participating in discussions, and viewing grades/feedback. Read more details about class format.

Part 1:
The first part of the class will focus on biographical information on the writer’s life and career, and will discuss why this person has remained such a significant voice in American Literature.

Part 2:
The second part of the class will look closely at the writer’s most famous short story, “The Lady or the Tiger?” and will discuss why this story has had such a lasting impact on American culture.

Part 3:
The third part of the class will look at the sequel to this story, “The Discourager of Hesitancy” to see how these two stories have influenced many other famous works in American culture.

Although this course will only require close reading of the one main short story, students are encouraged to continue reading this second follow-up sequel on their own time. Free resources will be provided to find free e-books available in the public domain.

Course Features

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  • Suggested Ages 10-17 One Level
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