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NLH Student is Top Finalist in Science Without Borders Art Competition

Long time Next Level Homeschool student, Franciska Somogyi, has been named as one of the top 16 finalists of hundreds of international entries in the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation’s artistic marine science contest, Science Without Borders® Challenge . The goal of the contest is to inspire student creativity while promoting ocean conservation issues. This year’s contest theme is  “The Sixth Extinction.”  Students were tasked with creating an artistic piece that would highlight a marine species that is threatened with extinction.

Franciska titled her creation “Bloom”, and here is the explanation she submitted with her entry:

Hawksbill sea turtles look over coral reefs and maintain the balance of their food web, keeping the ecosystem healthy and happy, but they might not have an ecosystem to preserve soon. The sixth extinction is rapidly approaching, caused by continuous greenhouse gas emissions from electricity, industry, transportation, and more. This is depicted by the numerous digital billboards picturing artificial coral reefs creating tremendous amounts of carbon while the overhang of the actual ocean is suffering from harmful algae blooms caused by the heat. Transportation is forming an X to symbolize the controversial release of additional harmful emissions. I want my audience to acknowledge and think about things familiar to us, from our transportation, housing, and businesses, to how that affects an ecosystem we might not even be aware of and how we can address the issue.

We are proud of ALL of our Next Level Homeschool students, and are so thrilled to see them grow, mature, and take the knowledge they have gained from our school into the real world!