Foundations of English Grammar

Foundations of English Grammar


About this course

Recommended Ages: 10-16. This class is open to a wide range of ages–starting early can always give an advantage to blooming writers while we are also never too old to refresh our grammar skills! Class is offered in two levels.

Start Date: January 5. Class consists of 5 intense lessons. Students will have 10 weeks total to complete the class. With 5 lessons and 10 weeks to complete, students can complete the class at their own pace. No live classes- do the lesson plans on YOUR schedule.

Price: $75

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This 10 week course composed of 5 intensive lessons is designed to focus on the fundamentals of grammar in the English Language. We will build from the foundation of word class, or parts of speech, to conjugating and types of phrases, then onto sentence composition and structure. This course is designed to improve student’s grammar, punctuation, and all around writing skills, and lessons will involve student participation of repetitive practice exercises to instill these skills.

Students will not be writing papers in this class, rather they will be approaching writing more mathematically as we break each aspect of a sentence down week by week. Students taking this class can expect to gain a much better understanding for proper grammatical writing, and have an all around better grasp on the technical aspects of writing in the English language.

This class is open to a wide range of ages–starting early can always give an advantage to blooming writers while we are also never too old to refresh our grammar skills!

Weeks 1 & 2: WORDS
Weeks 1 and 2 will focus on individual words. We will study the different word classes, or parts of speech, split over the two weeks. Understanding parts of speech helps in understanding word functions, their meanings, and their function within a whole sentence.

Week 3: PHRASES (Inflection)
In week 3 we get into phrases, including prepositional phrases and other parts of the sentence that are important to understanding sentence composition. We will also study tenses and learn verb conjugations as we study inflection–the process by which words are changed in form to create different, specific meanings.

Week 4: PARTS OF A SENTENCE (Syntax)
In week 4 we will turn to examining a sentence as a whole as we study syntax–how to structure sentences. We will focus on the components of a sentence, including subject, predicate, object of a sentence in combination. We will also learn sentence structure concerning simple, compound, and complex sentences. This week will build off of the knowledge gained in the previous two weeks, and teach how to assemble those word and phrase components into cohesive sentences.

Week 5 will bring us to looking at sentences structure as we put all three previous parts of the class together: parts of speech, inflection, and syntax. We will learn the different types of sentences, focusing on proper punctuation for the various sentence types. We will also learn how to dissect simple, compound, and complex sentences through the art of diagramming. Seeing a sentence drawn out in this format helps to understand proper sentence structure by showing how the parts of a sentence are related.

This class is not recommended for most children under 9 (but we trust that you know your child’s abilities better than we do!). Younger students 9-12 should usually be placed in Level 1. Students age 13 and up, or younger students who are academically gifted, should be placed in Level 2. Level 2 students will have more rigorous homework.

LESSON PLANS: This is an 5 week intensive workshop. Students have 5 weeks after the last class is posted to complete all work. Weekly lesson plans are posted on Tuesdays by 5pm Pacific Time. There is no “live” component to this class, which allows students to work at their own pace. This is a great option for busy students who need to work on their own schedule, and students who live all over the world and can’t easily coordinate time zones.

Lesson plans are a combination of power point, graphics, video, and audio. Each slide is fully narrated for students who prefer to hear material read to them. There is no textbook for this course.

DISCUSSION: There are weekly discussions about the lesson plan with the instructor. We also offer an “open talk” forum where students can have fun getting to know their classmates!

ASSIGNMENTS: As this is a grammar class students should be prepared for a lot of technical writing. Students will not be expected to write full papers, but instead we will instill grammatical rules through repetitive practice of technical writing exercises.

QUIZZES: Online quizzes are available each week as a tool for students to see how well they understand the material. Format is generally multiple choice, matching, true/false, and fill in the blank.

GRADES: All quizzes, labs, and online assessments automatically receive a grade in the system. You have the option of having your student’s individual projects graded or not (all assignments receive instructor feedback). Report cards are issued at the end of the course- one for ungraded students and one for graded students. These mean nothing other than for your own records or reporting purposes. We do not maintain copies.

TIME: In general, expect 1-1.5 hours to work through the lesson plan each week, and an additional 2-5 hours working on assignments (it really depends what assignment your child chooses to do and how they manage their time).