Ideas to Celebrate World Oceans Day With Your Kids!

Here at Next Level Homeschool, our oceans are a big deal!! My degree is in Marine Biology, and we offer many classes in marine sciences to students from all over the world- including our full year of Marine Zoology (MAJOR discount at the end of this post!!) and our full year of Oceanography . Plus our one month workshops Shark Month and Marine Mammal Month. So when World Oceans Day comes along, we’re ready to party! And by party, I mean get involved!

Our oceans give us so much:
Like to breathe? Thank the oceans! The majority of oxygen on our planet is produced in the oceans!
Like to eat? Thank the oceans! Our oceans provide us with fish, shrimp, crabs, lobsters, seaweed, and all kinds of other yummy things! Did you know that most ice creams use seaweed as a stabilizer? You’re eating stuff from the ocean and not even realizing it! Make sure the fish you eat are caught sustainably.
Like to be healthy? Thank the oceans! In addition to healthy foods mentioned above, the oceans also provide us with all kinds of medicines! Did you know that scientists are currently researching chemicals in sea sponges that may be the key to curing cancer?
Like to have fun? Thank the oceans! From hanging out at the beach to scuba diving, the ocean is full of fun and adventure! Did you know that the economies of some countries depend solely on the tourism that their ocean provides?

So the ocean gives us a lot. Let’s not be greedy! World Oceans Day is the perfect day to give back in some small way for all of the things the oceans provides us with. And if we would all give back in a small way, that would add up to something HUGE! In fact, the hashtag for World Oceans Day is #togetherwecan, and this year it is celebrated on June 8. Here is a list of great ideas to get you and your kids in on the celebration, teach them something, and make a difference!

Remember, June 8 is just one day. We can work to protect our oceans any day! So it doesn’t matter if you do these things on June 8 or some other day. What matters is that you’re doing something! And you don’t even have to live near an ocean to help out.

1. World Oceans Day has organized events happening all over the world (and not just on June 8)! Join an event and make some new friends while you’re making a difference!

2. No event in your area? How about organize your own?! It could be something as small as just getting your family and friends together to do a beach clean up, or you could organize something for your entire town!

3. Did you know that much of the litter that is left on the land eventually ends up in the ocean? Do your part by picking up litter in your neighborhood or at a local river. Create a contest with your friends to see who can collect the most! You could even make it into a game by assigning points for each type of litter (gum wrappers, plastic water bottles, bottle tops, etc…). Remember to be safe and wear gloves.

4. Make the decision with your family to be more ocean friendly by reducing, reusing, and recycling…and get crafty while you’re at it!
–Ditch the plastic bags for reusable ones- you can make them out of old tshirts!
–Figure out clever ways to reduce single use plastics. For example, quit using single use shampoo bottles- make your own shampoo bars, no plastic required! I’ve recently switched to shampoo bars and am loving them!

5. Support organizations that are dedicated to protecting our oceans! Find a program in your area to volunteer with! If there isn’t one, research online and find an organization that is doing work you believe in- then donate. You could even have a fundraiser for your cause!

6. Knowledge is power!! Pick something about the ocean that you interests you and really dive in! Go to the library and check out books, research online, watch documentaries. Then, spread the word! Tell your friends or family about what you’ve learned and why keeping our ocean healthy is so important.

And on the subject of knowledge, in honor of World Oceans Day, I’m discounting my Fall 2022 Marine Biology 101 class to only $50 (normally $80)! This is the 4 week pre-requisite course to my full year Marine Zoology class. It’s extremely popular and fills every year. So if you’ve been thinking of taking this class, this is the perfect time! There are a limited number of spaces for this discount, so enroll now! If the enrollment button is gone, then you missed the discount, but there is still space in the class. Regular enrollment begins in mid-June. 

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