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Dylan Monshaugen

My name is Mary Middlebrook, and I am the owner of Next Level Homeschool and also the science teacher. I have a BS in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University at Galveston and am super passionate about science and education! My goal is to instill my passion for learning into your children, and help them learn and explore topics in a fun and engaging way they will prepare them for their future.

I homeschooled my youngest son (who is now all grown up!), and during that time realized we needed a little more socialization. So in 2011 I started teaching a marine biology class from my home. When it was over, everyone asked "What class are we doing next year?". My career as a homeschool educator was born! I moved from teaching out of my home to teaching live classes at a homeschool co-op in Los Angeles. My classes were in high demand and would always sell out. Parents started asking me if I could put my classes online. And in 2016, Next Level Homeschool was born! From our first year with three classes- Costa Rica, Harry Potter Genetics, and Marine Zoology- we have now grown into dozens of classes in science, history, language arts, visual arts, and more!

I believe children are capable of learning far beyond the "grade level/age" boxes we put them in. My students never cease to amaze me with their interpretations of topics and ability to think beyond the lessons! That is the joy I find in teaching- watching students excel when given challenging, in depth material. Don't tell them, but I think kids are smarter than adults. ;)

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