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Shakespeare in Pop Culture Series: Romeo & Juliet

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Shakespeare Pop- Romeo and Juliet

This class is only offered once per year.

This course is part of the Shakespeare in Pop Culture Series. Students need to have taken the Introduction course before beginning any other course in the series.

Other courses in the series include:
Shakespeare in Pop Culture: Introduction
Shakespeare in Pop Culture Series: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Shakespeare in Pop Culture Series: Twelfth Night
Shakespeare in Pop Culture Series: Hamlet

*Disclaimer: Some of the play content and provided film content in this course are rated PG-13, and therefore that is the recommended age minimum for any courses in the series aside from the introductory course. Exception can be made with parental consent for younger ages.


In this 4-week course, students will study one play by William Shakespeare, as well as the modern adaptations of the play presented in films of present day popular culture. We will focus for three weeks on one of Shakespeare’s (primary source) plays, and the fourth week will consist of that specific play’s adaptations in modern films. I will provide all reading and viewing material for the course, as well as extra related content, with the option that students may purchase any books or films for themselves if they so choose.

The goal of the courses in this series is to learn the famous works of Shakespeare through the use of present day pop culture. Lessons will focus on themes, characters, and social significance of Shakespeare’s most famous plays in comparison to their modern re-imaginings. Assignments will range from writing analytical reports on primary and secondary sources, to students having the option to film their very own adaptations of these works. Each student should leave this course with a well rounded comprehension of the significance of Shakespeare’s works, then and now.

No live classesview lessons on YOUR schedule. In general, expect 1.5-2.5 hours to work through the lesson plan each week, and an additional 2-5 hours working on assignments (it really depends what assignment your child chooses to do and how they manage their time). For classes with two levels, the material is the same for boththe depth of the assignments differs. Younger students should usually be placed in Level 1. Older students, or younger students who want more of a challenge, should be placed in Level 2.

Each lesson consists of a fully narrated PowerPoint presentation with images and videos to enhance the topics. Students will have access to our learning management system, Canvas, for viewing their lesson, printing worksheets, taking quizzes, viewing/submitting assignments, participating in discussions, and viewing grades/feedback. Read more details about class format.

Week 1: Romeo & Juliet (Drama):
Students will read and study the play Romeo & Juliet, acts 1-2. We will also study the different character archetypes.

Week 2: Romeo & Juliet (Drama):
Students will read and study the play Romeo & Juliet, acts 3 & 4. We will also explore some symbols, themes, and motifs presented in the play.

Week 3: Romeo & Juliet (Drama):
Students will read and study the play Romeo & Juliet, act 5. Then we will break down the dramatic structure of the plot.

Week 4 : Adaptations of Romeo & Juliet:
I will provide clips or entire film files, as well as suggest other sources to find these films. This week we will study adaptations in comparison to the play Romeo & JulietWest Side Story, Warm Bodies, Romeo + Juliet

You are not required to purchase additional materials for this class!

Below are free links to the plays – both text and audio. I have also provided links if you would like to purchase the books or movies.

Links to Free Downloads / Purchase Plays:
Folger Shakespeare Library has the most accurate editions of these plays and is the recommended source for the plays we will read in this course series.

You can download free versions of the plays here:
Folger Digital Texts

If you would like to purchase the physical book, here is a link to buy it from Amazon:
Romeo and Juliet

Free Audio Book Download:
Romeo & Juliet

Purchasing these films is OPTIONAL. I will provide the sections and clips from the movies that are necessary for the lesson.

The titles with asterisks are the ones that we will be going over the whole film in the lesson. The others we will just be touching on, but not studying the whole film.
West Side Story
*Warm Bodies
Romeo + Juliet

Necessary sections and clips from these movies will be provided in the lessons.

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Course Features

  • Schedule Oct 3 - Nov 7
  • Activities Language Arts
  • Lessons 4
  • Suggested Ages 13-17 One Level