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Wonders of the World Series: Seven New Wonders

Wonders New

This is the one of three installments in the Wonders of the World Series. They can be taken in any order.
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Seven Ancient Wonders
Seven Natural Wonders

This four-week course is a continuation of Next Level’s “Wonders of the World” series. The Seven New Wonders of the World come from a list that was voted on by people around the world to determine the absolute pinnacles of engineering and architecture in 2006. In this class, we will be examining those monuments, learning about their history, and finding out what makes each one so wondrous. Students enrolled in this course will have a unique opportunity to travel the world and virtually visit some of the greatests wonders humanity has built.

No live classes- view lessons on YOUR schedule. In general, expect 1.5-2.5 hours to work through the lesson plan each week, and an additional 2-5 hours working on assignments (it really depends what assignment your child chooses to do and how they manage their time). For classes with two levels, the material is the same for both- the depth of the assignments differs. Younger students should usually be placed in Level 1. Older students, or younger students who want more of a challenge, should be placed in Level 2. Each lesson consists of a fully narrated PowerPoint presentation with images and videos to enhance the topics. Students will have access to our learning management system, Canvas, for viewing their lesson, printing worksheets, taking quizzes, viewing/submitting assignments, participating in discussions, and viewing grades/feedback. Read more details about class format. 

Week 1: An Introduction
The first week of the class introduces the seven wonders we will be discussing and sets the context for the decision-making process. We will also be looking at the first wonder on our list: the Statue of Christ the Redeemer located in Rio de Janeiro.

Week 2: American Wonders
Wonders left behind by pre-European Native Americans are the focus of the class’ second week. First, we will venture down to the Yucatan Peninsula to explore the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. From there, we will move south into Peru. The high Andes Mountains play home to the third wonder on our list, Machu Picchu.

Week 3: The Wonders of Asia
In the third week, we will be looking at wonders in China and India. The Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal act as the centerpieces of the week. Though both wonders served drastically different purposes, they both found their way onto our list. Now, come find out what those purposes are!

Week 4: The Ancient Wonders
This week will be a look into the final wonders on our list. The Colosseum in Rome and the city of Petra in Jordan make up the oldest wonders on the list, and we will be learning much about their ancient mysteries.

Course Features

  • Schedule TBD
  • Activities Science
  • Lessons 4
  • Suggested Ages 10-17 One Level