NEW!! Cyber Safety

NEW!! Cyber Safety


About this course

Curious if the format of Next Level Homeschool classes will match your child’s learning style? This is the class to take! A one week, self paced, in depth class on internet safety — for only $5!

Description: This one-week class is run by Next Level’s teacher Lara Hincapie. Please click the DESCRIPTION tab above for full information.

Recommended Ages: This class is ideal for students ages 9-18. Younger academically gifted students will be accepted.

Start Date: August 23. Course consists of 1 lesson plan. No live classes — view the lessons on YOUR schedule. We send out class access instructions every Tuesday for all enrollments received on or before that Monday. You will have until DECEMBER 27 to complete the course. This gives you complete freedom during the fall semester to do the work!

Note:  This class differs from other Next Level Homeschool courses in that it has no project/assignments to turn in for grading/feedback, no report card, and no student discussion. Other than that, the format and style is what you can expect from our other offerings. No discounts are offered on this class.


IMPORTANT!! Enrollment for this course is separate from our other offerings. You can only sign up by clicking the enrollment button below- not from our main enrollment page!!

In this digital age we live in, it is almost impossible to avoid using the internet! However, many students who use the internet regularly for classwork or fun may not understand what it truly means to be safe and secure when using the World Wide Web. Fear not! This class will teach you and your students all about the importance of internet safety and what the best practices are for protecting yourself against cyber threats.

The point of this course is to prepare students to think critically and use technology in positive and powerful ways!

This course begins with understanding why it is important to use safety precautions when online. We will learn what it means to have an online identity, a digital footprint, and an online community. Then we will explore some practices for personal safety, including how to protect you and your personal information from cyber threats. We will also explore what cyber bullying is, what causes online disinhibition, and ways we can deal with and avoid and de-escalate situations involving cyber bullying, digital drama, and hate speech. Finally, we will focus on what it means to our well-being to maintain a healthy media balance in our lives! After completing the lesson plan, students can take the quiz to test their understanding of the material.

The lesson consists of a fully narrated PowerPoint presentation with images and videos to enhance the topics. Students will have access to our learning management system, Canvas, for viewing their lesson plan, printing their worksheet, taking their quiz, and accessing other provided materials.


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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