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What are the credentials of the instructors?

I, Mary Middlebrook, teach most of the classes. I have a degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University at Galveston. I began homeschooling my youngest son when he was in 6th grade and continued until he graduated. In 2011, I created a marine biology class in our home so other kids could come in and learn with my son. It was a huge success and everyone wanted to know what I’d be teaching the next semester. I taught Geography- always choosing subjects that I was passionate about. The “what are you teaching next semester” kept being asked, and now teaching is my full time career! I teach all levels of science, history, geography, and lower math in private homes, at homeschool groups, at a homeschool program called Creative Learning Place, at Ribet Academy private college preparatory school from 2013-2016 where I ran the high school Marine Biology and Marine Science programs, and now I am taking the classes I’ve been developing since 2011- and new ones- online!

For classes taught by other instructors, click the instructor’s name in the class description for their bio.

Are Next Level Homeschool classes right for my child?

Only you and your child can answer that one! I will say that my teaching style tends to be fast paced and above grade level. I’ve had very young students in classes geared toward older students, and while they don’t pick up every single detail, it’s amazing how much information they absorb. I challenge students, and it is rare that they don’t meet that challenge! If your child has excellent cognitive skills, enjoys learning, and craves a little structure, chances are my classes will be a great fit for their learning style.

What is the format of the classes?

Our classes are multimedia. They are powerpoint lesson plans with embedded images and videos to enhance the learning experience. For students who have trouble reading, each slide is completely narrated.

How do the online classes work? What are Flexi-Schedule classes?

Our courses are offered as flexi-schedule classes. This means that there is no set time frame for the course material to be presented in (like a live class that is on Mondays from 1-2pm). Not having live classes allows students from all over the world to participate- no matter their time zone! It also creates a flexible learning environment for families that have busy schedules (um, everyone!). Basically, here’s how it works. I upload all of the course material each week to an online, password protected forum. I also upload the homework assignments for the week. This information is accessible for the entirety of the course, so students can work when their schedule permits. The other component to flexi-schedule classes is the one that I think is the most interesting- our online forum where the students can interact with me, and maybe even more importantly with each other, on that week’s topic! This allows for an entirely new dynamic to the learning experience. One where students can study the material, think about it, and whenever a question or idea hits them they can enter it into the forum and receive feedback from me and their peers. Think of it as an ongoing dialogue about the subject, rather than a “let’s get it all done in one hour, got any questions, see ya next week!” kind of format. 🙂

How do I enroll my student in a class?

It’s as simple as filling out an enrollment form. We do not charge additional registration fees- you just pay for the class(es) you take.

How much do the classes cost?

sivs fees vary depending on the type of class, how long it runs (fall semester, spring semester, or full year), and whether lab fees and/or a textbook are required. All of this information can be found on the description page for each class. View our classes here.

You can receive a 10% discount for purchasing over $300 in a semester. Great for students who take multiple classes or for families enrolling multiple children.

What forms of payment does Next Level Homeschool accept? Do you accept charter school funds?

We accept all major credit cards, via our secure online enrollment form. A spot in a class is not guaranteed until payment in full is made! We no longer accept charter school funds.

Do you offer refunds?

There are NO refunds given for any reason, unless I have to cancel the class. There are NO exceptions to this rule. If you are unable to take a class for some reason, you may find someone to take your spot. This must be done BEFORE the semester begins- no exceptions. Any transfer of payment between you and the new student for your class space is between you and them. I do not refund you and then allow them to pay.

My child will definitely be in the class! Can you please hold a spot?

Sorry, but I do not hold spots for ANY reason. The only way to guarantee a spot in a class is with the required payment.

Is Next Level Homeschool secular or religious in nature?

Next Level Homeschool is 100% secular. Of course, when discussing history, the topic of religion is necessary. But even when necessary, it is only spoken of in context of its importance surrounding a particular event or period in time. Never is one religion shown favor over another. Nor are any religions spoken of as inferior.

Does Next Level Homeschool offer classes for young gifted learners?

I have successfully taught many young gifted learners over the years. They enjoy my live classes because they are fast paced, challenging, above grade level, and do not include “busy work”. The homework and projects are also geared toward giving students freedom to explore the topics that they found particularly interesting each week, allowing for a deeper understanding of the material.

Are grades given to students?

Some classes have a grading option, some do not. Upon enrollment, you have the option of choosing if you want your child to receive grades or not. If they are graded, they will have a private grade book that you can access to keep up with their progress and grades. ALL students, graded or not, will receive feedback from me on their homework.

Are textbooks required?

Some classes do require textbooks. I like to use free online versions, but that is not always possible. It is the responsibility of the parent to purchase the textbook from an outside vendor. Textbook information is included in the class description, as is a link to a place to order it. I normally try to use earlier editions of high school textbooks, as they are cheaper and the information tends to be the same. Please make life easy for your student and order the edition listed! Different editions have different arrangements of the material, so when I refer to page whatever, it can be very confusing!