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To enroll in classes, please read the descriptions of each class, determine which level (1 or 2) you want your student to be in for each class, decide if you want your student to be graded or not, and have your credit card ready. Once you have all of this information together, please click here to go to our secure enrollment and payment form.
If you are using charter school funds, you must have your Purchase Order in hand BEFORE you enroll, because you have to attach it to your enrollment form. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your PO needs to be for the full class purchase price- there are no discounts for students using charter school funds. If your charter school refuses to give you a copy of your PO, you will be unable to enroll using this method. I do not hold spaces for charter school members who are waiting for funds. Once you have your PO, you need to enroll using this link.

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