To enroll in classes, please have the following information ready before you click the enroll link:

1. Read the descriptions of each class, determine which level (1 or 2) you want your student to be.

2. If you are enrolling multiple students, they MUST have different email addresses! If you want a separate parental account, then your child can not have the same email address as you! If your child doesn’t have an email address, just get a free one from google or yahoo. They really only need it to obtain their access codes.

3. Have your credit card information ready.

4. If you want to receive a 10% discount on your total, please choose a minimum of $300 in classes. If you are enrolling 3 or more students, please contact me BEFORE you enroll so I can send you a discount code that will cover multiple students.

5. If you have ANY questions about the class, the time to ask is before you enroll!! 🙂

Next Level Homeschool Class Enrollment
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