Next Level Homeschool



My name is Mary Middlebrook, and I’m the owner of Next Level Homeschool. One thing I’ve learned during my years as a homeschool teacher- both to my own son and to other children- is that different students learn in different ways. I don’t believe approaching education as a “one size fits all” approach- isn’t that what you’re trying to avoid by homeschooling anyway?! The more resources you draw upon to create your child’s educational experience, the broader that experience will be. I hope that Next Level Homeschool can be a part of that experience! I don’t adhere to any particular homeschool philosophies or methodologies. The only philosophy I do adhere to is that all of my courses are 100% secular. My teaching style is based on what I have seen work for the hundreds of students I’ve had the pleasure of working with since 2011. And depending on the subject, age, and/or academic level of the children I am working with, this method changes. You can read more about how I teach in the FAQ section.


I think that many times education and attainment of knowledge comes down to passion. I’m passionate about what I teach, and I only choose topics that truly interest me. That is why the primary course offerings are science, history, geography, and lower level math. How can I possibly instill passion about a subject in your child if I don’t have passion about it myself? And that is my goal. To make your child enjoy learning. To make them think. To challenge them. To open their minds up to new topics, facts, and ideas. To get excited with them when they have those “lightbulb moments”. To take them to the next level.